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Since I moved over to just thought I’d give a heads up to people who might be missing out on the Unity 3D tutorials I made over the last year or so. I’ll be posting some new tutorials up over the summer, but until then you can check out the old series located at


One Laptop Per Child’s next computer will be based on chipmaker Marvell Technology Group Ltd.’s Moby tablet design. Marvell announced a prototype of the device earlier this year and said it would be priced around $99.  Getting computers into the hands of children and adults in the developing world is a noble cause and I am hopeful of One Laptop Per Child’s future success. For more details click here.

Just finished a short presentation aimed at bringing non-profits up to speed on how they can unlock the power of games and mobile apps to help accomplish their mission. Click here to see the presentation.

Awesome to see we are not the only ones who believe that games and the power of play can change the world. Check out this amazing Ted talk by Jane McGonigal located at

New Path , New Blog

As some of you may know, I have stepped back from running Ethical Entertainment to re-evaluate career, re-balance my life and figure out where I’d like to head to next. I am still a big believer in the power of positive play, and I hope to use this blog to share ideas, insights and experiments on this and many other interesting topics.

Stay tuned 🙂